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Agro Dana Ruminan

AgroPerdana-i PLUS is a Shariah-compliant Giro Account that provides you access to various banking facilities to ease your financial transactions. This account is tailored for Non-individuals such as business entities and government agencies.

Shariah Concept

  • The applicable Shariah concept is Tawarruq. Tawarruq consists of two (2) contracts of sale and purchase. The first transaction involves the sale of Commodity by the seller (Customer) to the purchaser (Bank) based on deferred payment. Then the purchaser (Bank) at the first sale transaction will sell these Commodities to a third party (Commodity Supplier) for cash.



Type of Account and Applicant Eligibility


Non-individual Account

This account is for Non-individuals such as Business Entities, Companies, Government Agencies, Cooperative, Societies, Associations and Clubs that have valid registration managed by at least two (2) Individuals aged 18 years old and above.


Initial Deposit

  • Statement Account: Minimum amount of initial deposit is RM100.00
  • Government/Government Linked Agencies: Minimum amount of initial deposit is RM1000.00
  • Collection Account: Minimum amount of initial deposit is RM1,000.00


Minimum Balance

  • Statement Account: Minimum balance shall not be less than RM100.00
  • Government/Government Linked Agencies: No minimum balance required
  • Collection Account: No minimum balance required



  • Introductory requirements repealed
  • Hibah credited monthly according to current Effective Profit Rate specified by the bank
  • Passbook-less account opening. A statement can be accessed through Internet banking
  • Agrobank Contact Centre operates 24 hours
  • Convenient and secure online transaction through AGRONetBIZ Internet Banking
  • Cash Management Solution (CMS) facilities