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AGRONetBIZ (Business Internet Banking)

Business Internet Banking or known as AGRONetBIZ is an online banking service that uses the Ujrah shariah concept for businesses or non-individual customers such as companies, associations, clubs and organizations or government bodies registered under the Companies Act of Malaysia. 

The company must have an active business company deposit account with Agrobank.

AGRONetBIZ enables corporate and commercial customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the bank.

To log in to the AGRONetBIZ service, the customer will browse the bank's website, and access the online banking facility using the customer's personal username and password.

Once logged in, customers can perform various banking transactions without having to go to the bank.

There are two (2) types of access available for AGRONetBIZ, namely:

  • Inquiry Access - To check account balances only.
  • Transactional Access - FULL Access (View, Execute and Approve transactions)





Account Inquiry
- Displays detailed details of the customer's Savings / Investment / Financing Account, Transaction History and AGRONetBIZ Transaction History.

Money transfer
- Allow customers to transfer money from their Agrobank account to another account as per the option below:
i. Transfers to own accounts and third party accounts of Agrobank
ii. Interbank Transfer (IBG)

Bill Payment
- Allows customers to pay bills to existing payee companies and register bills of their choice for an easier payment process in the future.

- Allow customers with Approver access to approve or cancel any financial transactions executed by the Initiator.

Internet Banking Services Management
- Can only be accessed by customers appointed as Corporate Administrators. The function of a Corporate Administrator is to manage the access of their Users (Reviewers, Beginners and Approvers).

Profile Management
- Allows customers to manage account profiles such as changing Passwords

Message Box
- Allows customers to receive notification messages sent by the bank.

Adjustment Report
- Facilitate the monitoring of transaction reports from when the confirmations made.

Bulk Payment
- Combine payments that have a large number of transactions in one payment file

- Dealing with the payment of employee salaries

Standing Instructions (SI)
- Fixed instruction facility to ensure smooth transaction flow

- Facilitate the purchase of Takaful

- Review and download your e-statement.

Payment of Zakat
- Zakat contributions can be made more easily to zakat organizations

SARMS Portal
- Sahabat Agro portal for customers who registered with Sahabat Agro

Note: Any changes to the services specified are subject to the Bank's discretion.

Fees & Charges

Establishment / Access Fees

Establishment (one -time payment) FREE
On-site Training  FREE
Yearly Payment (Inquiry Access) FREE
Yearly Payment (Transactional Access) RM120.00

AGRONetBIZ Security Token Payment

AGRONetBIZ Security Token FREE
AGRONetBIZ Security Token Replacement (Loss) RM70.00


Transactional Payment (each transaction)

Fund Transfer To Own Account FREE
Fund Transfer To Third Party FREE
Interbank GIRO Transfer (IBG) RM0.10
Bill Payment RM1.00

Note: The Bank will send at least 21 days notice to the customer before any changes are made to the fees and charges.

Transaction Limit for AGRONetBiz are as follows:-

Transaction Limit

Fund Transfer To Own Account Tiada Had
Fund Transfer To Third Party


Interbank GIRO Fund Transfer (IBG)


Bill Payment 

No Limit

* If you need a higher transaction limit, please call 1-300-88-2476 for more information.

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