AGRONet Security Tips:
  1. We advise you to always verify your chosen image and phrase during login.
  2. The security feature on top of username and password authentication will ensure that you are banking with the valid agronet.com.my website.
  3. Always manually type www.agronet.com.my to access AGRONet.
  4. Never click on any email links claiming to direct you to agronet.com.my.
  5. Antiphishing Scams::
    • Don't use the links in an email, instant message, or chat to get to any web page if you suspect the message might not be authentic or you don't know the sender or user's handle.
    • Log onto the website directly by typing the Web address in your browser.
Please DO NOT PROCEED. Call our Agrobank Contact Centre at 1 300 88 2476 (AGRO) immediately for assistance.
Browser support best view:
  • Chrome Version 10
  • Internet Explorer Version 11
  • Microsoft Edge Version 10
  • Safari Version 10
  • Firefox Version 10