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Trade Working Capital Financing-i (TWCF-i)

It is a short-term financing facility offered by the Bank for the purpose of financing working capital requirements according to the types of financing permitted by the Bank such as: 


  • Primary Production Project: Crops, Livestock, Fisheries and others
  • Manufacturing: Food, Health products, Furniture and others
  • Trading and Marketing Activities: Agriculture and food products, forestry products,   general trading and others
  • Other projects related to agriculture and agro-based industries which are Shariah compliant


Shariah Concept


Product Information

Types of TWCF-i facilities and funding

a) Purchase Financing (Murabahah)

Working capital financing based on documents such as invoices &/or transport documents evidencing the purchase of goods.

b) Sales Financing (Bai Al-Dayn)

This funding is used to finance customer who sells on credit terms. Customer will make settlement directly to the Bank upon receipt of the sales proceeds or on maturity date of the financing, whichever is earlier,


Minimum: 14 days.

Maximum: 180 days or as per approved by the Bank.

Total Funding Up to 100% of the invoice value / cost of goods but not exceeding the facility amount.