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AgroCash-i is a personal financing facility for customers for the purpose of consumer financing mainly related to agriculture and agro-based activity.

The implementation of the product is based on Tawarruq transactions.



Eligibility Criteria

Age Requirement

Government Employees
Age between 18 to 60 or up to retirement age whichever is earlier                                   

GLC Staff
Age between 21 to 60 or up to retirement age whichever is earlier


Government Employees
Permanent and have served for at least 6 months (confirmed or under probation)

GLC Staff
Permanent staff and has been confirmed with at least one year of service

Additional Eligibility for Financing Limit up to RM250,000.00

Government Employees

  • Open to Central Government, State Government and Statutory Bodies only
  • Permanent and have served for at least 5 years. Calculation of service period includes contract service period (if applicable)
  • Gross monthly income (including basic salary and fixed allowances) exceeding RM10,000 and above
  • Debt Service Ratio (DSR) is up to 70% only (including applications with Housing Financing)
  • Other conditions are as stated above
Min. Salary Requirement

Government Employees
RM1,000 gross salary per month

GLC Staff
RM2,000 gross salary per month

Takaful Coverage Customer is encouraged to take Skim Takaful Kredit

Product Details

Financing Limit

Government Employees
Maximum RM250,000**

GLC Staff
Maximum RM200,000

(**Please refer to the Additional Eligibility for Financing Limit up to RM250,000.00)

Financing Tenure 10 years maximum
Profit Rates (Subject to eligibility and current changes)
Description Eligibility Criteria

The profit rate is subjected to eligibility and current conditions changes. Profit rates are as below:


Tenure Profit Rate
Up to 3 years BR + 3.45% p.a
4 to 10 years

BR + 3.95% p.a


Tenure Profit Rate
Up to 3 years BR + 3.82% p.a
4 to 10 years

BR + 4.27% p.a


Tenure Profit Rate
Up to 10 years

BR + 4.85% p.a

Profit rate charged is dependent on the following criteria:
a) Existing and new customer
b) Good track record as per CCRIS which not exceed MIA-2 for the past 12 months.
c) Salary deduction through BPA
d) No Rescheduling and Restructuring (R&R) status.
e) No Special Attention Account (SAA)

Ceiling Profit Rate (CPR):-

BR + 7.75% p.a or 10% p.a whichever is higher for the calculation of Sale Price

Effective Profit Rate (EPR):-

At the current profit rate and did not exceed CPR and calculated based on the monthly balance

Note: Current SBR is at 2.25%

Fee & Charges

Stamp Duty As per the Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989).
Advanced Installment
  • Equivalent to three (3) month installments which shall be used as payment in case of any default under the financing.
  • Advance installments shall be deducted from the financing amount.
Brokerage Fee RM15.00 per transaction


  • The Bank will notify at least 21 days notice before any changes made to the fees and charges (if applicable)
  • Fees and charges are subject to Sales and Service Tax ("SST") of 6% (if applicable)


Terms and Conditions AgroCash-i (Malay Version)