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Hartani-i (Tawarruq)

Hartani-i provides financing facilities to the Government Servant or Private Sector Employees and Stable Income Earners for the purpose to purchase agricultural land.

Purchase of land includes directly purchase from the vendor or through public auction or purchase of land that will be or have been auctioned by Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad (Agrobank).

The Bank will only consider the financing if the land to be purchased has the individual title or the land has been sub-divided and/or the land which individual title is to be issued.

Shariah Concept applied:-

  • A Tawarruq consists of two sale and purchase contracts. The first involves the sale of an asset by a seller to a purchaser on a deferred basis. Subsequently, the purchaser of the first sale will sell the same asset to a third party on a cash and spot basis. Through this financing, the Bank will buy the commodity (a prepaid credit or any other commodity as advised by the commodity) from the Commodity Broker at cost price (based on the financing amount). Subsequently, the Bank sells the commodity to the Customer at cost plus profit (Murabahah) on deferred payment. Next, the Customer appoints the Bank as an agent (Wakalah) to sell the commodity at cost price in cash to a third party, on a cash basis. Proceeds of the sale will be credited to the Customer’s account as the financing amount required by the Customer. Commodity applies for Tawarruq transaction is subject to the Commodity Broker.


Product Details

The benefits of this product are as below:

Financing Limit The margin of financing is up to 90% based on the applicant’s eligibility limit.
Financing Tenure The maximum financing period is 240 months (20 years) or until the age of 60 years on the maturity date of the financing (whichever is earlier).

Profit Rate

From Standardised Base Rate (SBR) + 2.35% per annum on monthly rest basis
*Subject to Margin of Financing and customer’s credit evaluation
 Ceilings Profit Rate (CPR)
SBR + 7.75% p.a. or 10% p.a.; whichever is higher for the calculation of Sale Price
 Effective Profit Rate (EPR)
At the current rate and did not exceed the ceiling profit rate charged and is calculated on a monthly balance.

Note: Current SBR is at 3.00%

Fee & Charges

Stamping Fees As per the Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989).
Legal & Disbursement Fees Include solicitors fees for financing documentation, registration of charge, land search and bankruptcy search and other related charges.
Brokerage Fee  RM15.00 per transaction 

Note :

  • The Bank will notify at least 21 days notice before any changes are made to the fees and charges (if applicable)
  • Fees and charges are subject to Sales and Service Tax ("SST") of 8% (if applicable)



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