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Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT)

IBFT enables instant money transfers and payments to credit card accounts and financing to other bank accounts through Agrobanks MEPS ATM network.

Daily Transfer/Payment Limit

Transaction Fees
RM1.00 transfer within MEPS Local Banks
RM4.00 - transfer to/from MEPS Local Incorporated Foreign Bank (LIFB) such as Citibank, UOB and HSBC


  • Immediate fund transfer / credit card and financing payments to recipients - instant money transfer to the recipient's account.
  • An easy and convenient way to transfer funds and make payments Theres no need to queue at the bank.
  • Safe & reliable Secure mode of fund transfer as it eliminates the use of cash.
  • Verification of the recipient's account The name of account holder will be displayed upon entering the account number of the recipient.


Steps to execute Instant Interbank Fund (IBFT) Transfer at AGRONet

  • Log onto AGRONet at
  • Key in your USERNAME and PASSWORD and click Next.
  • Select Fund Transfer navigation.
  • Select New Interbank Transfer.
  • Select Instant Interbank Fund Transfer at Mode of Transfer.
  • Key in all mandatory fields and click Next.
  • Ensure Beneficiary Account Number is correct and click Close.
  • Click Request TAC to get the 6 digit security PIN number via registered mobile during AGRONet registration and click Confirm.
  • Result page will displayed customer details transaction. Click Print Receipt to get the hardcopy receipt or click Make another transaction to proceed with the other New Interbank Transfer transaction.

        Notes: The above fees and charges are subject to 0% GST

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