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Agrobank Creates Awareness through ‘Agrobank Bertazkirah’ – An Initiative with Imam Muda Asyraf

KUALA LUMPUR – Agrobank, a government-owned agricultural development Islamic bank recently collaborated with Imam Muda Asyraf Ridzuan to produce a series of tazkirah named ‘Agrobank Bertazkirah’. The tazkirah is part of the Bank’s effort to disseminate information on issues related to financial management from the perspective of Islamic finance and agriculture.

According to Syed Alwi Mohamed Sultan, President / Chief Executive Officer of Agrobank, “This is in line with Agrobank’s focus as a full-fledged Islamic Bank. ‘Agrobank Bertazkirah’ is one of the thought-leadership initiatives by Agrobank with the aim to share knowledge and Islamic perspectives on various topics related to money matters, banking, agri-business and more.”

“As a development financial institution (DFI) with a strong focus on socio-economic development within the agriculture sector, elements of value-based intermediation (VBI) have been deeply rooted in the Bank’s core values and business activities.”

“Agrobank believes in being a responsible corporate citizen. The sharing stories of good values and lessons are important to instill positive values in our own employees as well as the communities that we served. We are leveraging on social media and digital channels to reach out to a wider audience,” he added.

‘Agrobank Bertazkirah’ can be viewed on Imam Muda Asyraf Facebook and Agrobank Facebook with titles as below:

  • Episode 1: Riba itu OK?
  • Episode 2: Hijrah itu payah
  • Episode 3: Halal lagi toyyiba dalam urusan rezeki
  • Episode 4: Jumaat; bukan biasa-biasa!
  • Episode 5: Bidang Pertanian; meraih pahala senyap?
  • Episode 6: Perlindungan dalam islam
  • Episode 7: Hujan dan Pertanian
  • Episode 8: Binatang ternakan dan kelebihannya
  • Episode 9: Perihal Madu
  • Episode 10: Penyucian Harta
  • English
  • Bahasa