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Agrobank’s Hartani-i Is Acknowledged As The Critics’ Choice Best Islamic Product For Agriculture Finance 2016 At The Islamic Retail Banking Awards

Dubai – Agrobank‟s Hartani-i was adjudged as the Critics’ Choice Best Islamic Product for Agriculture Finance 2016 at the Islamic Retail Banking Awards. Mr Noor Azlan bin Abdul Manan, Senior Vice President of Chief Financial Services Officer‟s Office Agrobank received the awards on behalf of Agrobank at a ceremony held in Dubai recently.

Commenting on the Awards, Dato‟ Wan Mohd Fadzmi, President/CEO of Agrobank said Agrobank is delighted to receive this recognition. “It is truly an honour for Hartani-i to be acknowledged as the Critics‟ Choice Best Islamic Financial Product for Agriculture Finance 2016 in Dubai recently. Hartani-i is a financing facilities for individual to purchase and own agriculture land and this is one of Agrobank‟s signature products.”

According to Dato‟ Wan Mohd Fadzmi, the product was introduced in 2014, with the aim to encourage agriculture land ownership for all including professionals such doctors and those working in private sectors so that they can own land as part of investment or for retirement. The main objective is to encourage people to buy agricultural land to carry out agricultural projects, or for investment purposes. Some professionals leverage on this financing as part of „force saving‟ and future investment (land) planning.

“With this innovative financing, individual with fixed income is able to buy their preferred agriculture land either for agriculture activities or investment purposes. The profit rate offered is very competitive and the tenure can be up to 20 years. In addition, Hartani-i also offers financing up to 100% to qualified applicants,” said Dato‟ Wan Mohd Fadzmi.

“We were informed that the Judging Committee was impressed of the fact that Hartani-i is the only such product in Islamic retail banking in any other country. It was specifically designed for financing the purchase of agricultural land and they (the Committee) has decided to highlight this product on a global level to create awareness of this unique product. Agrobank is indeed proud to be associated with the Islamic Retail Banking Awards for this wonderful recognition,” added Dato‟ Wan Mohd Fadzmi.


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