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Skim Tanaman Semula Kelapa Sawit (TASKS) Skim Tanaman Semula Kelapa Sawit (TASKS)

Open to small scale farmers/holders to promote oil palm replanting


  • Individual smallholder/government agency managing small holders and companies with paid up capital of less than RM2.5million
  • Individual with land area of 0.28 up to 4.0 hectares.
  • Oil palm of more than 25 years of age or no longer economic

Financing Amount

  • Up to RM6,000 per hectare

Repayment Period

  • Maximum 10 years

Required Documents

  • Copy of Identity card
  • 3 months of Bank statement
  • Copy of land title

Terms & Conditions

  • Full security/guarantee acceptable by Agrobank are; fixed deposit, fixed assets (land/building) and others
  • Terms and conditions of financing are subject to types of products and projects/businesses
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