AgroMuda-i AgroMuda-i

Based on Al-Mudharabah Shariah concept where the Bank accepts deposit from customers (investors). Customers agree and allow the Bank to utilize the monetary deposit for investment purposes where the time period and the profit sharing is agreed by both parties in the agreement(aqad).


  • Individual : aged 1 day and below 18 years old

Type of account

  • Individual account : Individual aged 6 years until 18 years old
  • Trustee account : The Trustee must be aged 18 years old and above

Minimum account opening: RM5.00

Minimum balance must be not less than RM5.00 at any one time

Profit rate [show]

  • Profit is based on a predetermined profit sharing ratio, calculated based on a “multi-tier” method.

Special features

A “Ladybug” coin box which is an exclusive item for AgroMuda-i savings account. A “Ladybug” coin box shall be given for free if a customer fulfills the following condition:

  1. Minimum deposit for the account opening is RM 150.00 *

*Note: every account opened as above is only entitled for one coin box only

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