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Agrobank Celebrates Asnaf Children with a Ramadan Treat

KUALA LUMPUR – Agrobank organised Program Kasih Ramadan to celebrate asnaf children from Pertubuhan Baitul Ehsan Al-Khairi. The programme includes talk on financial management as well as shopping session for Raya preparation.

Program started in the morning with “Celik Wang” session and a visit to the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery. In the afternoon, the asnaf children were taken to Parkson Nu Sentral for a shopping session assisted by volunteers (staff) from Agrobank.

The programme concluded with a breaking of fast session at Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and the children received “duit raya” by President / Chief Executive Officer, Tuan Syed Alwi Mohamed Sultan.

According to Tuan Syed Alwi, Program Program Kasih Ramadan is an annual CSR program in the month of Ramadan organised by Agrobank to celebrate asnaf children and help them make preparations for Hari Raya.


“This year, we include session on financial management to educate the children on how to manage money. This is important because we make money decision everyday when we purchase things and do transactions,” he added.

The Program Program Kasih Ramadan has been held for three years since 2017 as a corporate social responsibility program (CSR) organized by Agrobank in the month of Ramadan. This year, a total of 76 children of asnaf and 20 volunteers comprising Agrobank staff participated in the programme.


“We hope that our contribution will bring joy to these asnaf children to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year,” added Tuan Syed Alwi.

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