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Agrobank Announce Winners Of Agrobank Video Contest With Total Prize Value Of RM20,000

KUALA LUMPUR – Agrobank today announced fifteen lucky winners for the Agrobank Video Competition held in conjunction with the last Malaysia Day celebration, by offering a total cash prize of RM20,000.

Khadijah Iskandar, Covering President/Chief Executive Officer of Agrobank said, the video contest themed “Apa Khabar Malaysia? Ceritakan Kepada Kami” is an initiative by Agrobank to reach out to Malaysians from various backgrounds and listen to their stories of challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic since early last year. This initiative also aims to provide easy opportunities for Malaysians to win lucrative cash prizes.

“I believe with offering cash prize money to winners, will reduce their burden and help them to survive during these difficult times or can be utilised as start-up capital for new business ventures depending on their needs.”
“As a bank that is so close to Malaysians, we at Agrobank will continue to offer more opportunities to organize simple programs like these, which not only aims to cultivate creative skills but also provides opportunities for them to win interesting prizes offered by Agrobank,” Khadijah added.

The Agrobank Video Contest which took place from 16 August to 16 September, incorporated five main elements as the theme of the competition, namely the unique Malaysian culture, Malaysian traditional food, agricultural activities, experience during the pandemics and the spirit of Malaysians in facing the current situation.

The top five winners took home cash prizes ranging from RM1,000 to RM5,000 for each winner, while 10 entries were also selected to win cash consolation prizes amounting to RM500 for each winner. The top five winners received their prizes from Khadijah in a ceremony held at the Tun Ahmad Sarji Auditorium, Menara Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang recently.

The five winners of the Agrobank Video Contest “Apa Khabar Malaysia? Ceritakan Kepada Kami” are:

First Prize:  Muhammad Azeem Bin Mohd Lenin (Cash Prize of RM5,000) 

Second Prize: Isyraq Nur Hazriq Bin Mohd Fadzludin (Cash Prize of RM4,000) 

Third Prize:  Syahiran Bin Sukardi (Cash Prize of RM3,000)

Fourth Prize:  Sonny Ikmal Bin Ahmad Kamil (Cash Prize of RM2,000) 

Fifth Prize: Marham Bin Mohd Yusof (Cash Prize of RM1,000) 

First prize winner, Muhammad Azeem said, “I felt it was a calling for me to participate in the contest as I wanted to share challenge faced by small fishermen in Malaysia and the bigger role played by Agrobank throughout the pandemic COVID-19 period. It is like what Encik Safie had said in the video which I submitted, Agrobank is the only banking institution which takes the risk to provide financing to the fishermen and this side of Agrobank is unknown by many especially the younger generation.

Sharing his side of the story, Isyraq Nur Haziq’s said, he was very grateful for being selected for second place, “The cash prize of RM4,000 has a great value for a student like me. Insha Allah, I will utilise it well to purchase better recording equipment like the camera. Better equipment will motivate me to produce quality videos in the future.”

Agrobank received 150 submissions of videos from Malaysians with various backgrounds nationwide. The top five of the three minutes videos of the Agrobank Video Contest “Apa Khabar Malaysia? Ceritakan Kepada Kami” can be viewed at Agrobank’s official YouTube Channel – AgrobankTV.