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Wadi’ah Saving


Simpanan Wadiáh is savings account designed for individuals aged 15 years and above. Individual Account, Trust Account, Joint Account and Non-Individual Account.




Product Details

Shariah concept
Based on the concept of Wadi’ah Yad Dhamanah - 'Safekeeping with guarantee'

Applicant Eligibility
Malaysian citizen and/or Permanent Resident

Types of Account

  • Individual Account - Account operated by individuals age fifteen (15) years and above
  • Trust Account - This account is open for individual age below fifteen (15) years and subject to the account being operated by a Trustee (Pentadbir Akaun) who is 15 years old and above. The Trustee must be a Malaysian citizen.
  • Joint Account - Account managed by a group of individual age fifteen (15)  years and above. The group must not exceed five (5) people. Primary account holder must be a Malaysian citizen if open with non-Malaysian citizen.
  • Non Individual Account - For Organizations/Associations/Clubs and usually managed by at least 2 individual aged 18 years above.


Minimum Deposit

  • Minimum deposit to open an Individual / Trust account is RM10
  • Minimum deposit to open Non-Individual / Joint account is RM100


Minimum Balance
Not less than RM10 at any time

Fee & Charges

Terms & Condition


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