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Agrobank Offers Relief Assistance Plan To Fish Breeders Affected By El Nino

KUALA LUMPUR Agrobank has taken a proactive measure by offering a relief assistance plan to its qualified clients who were affected by the El Nino phenomenon.

The plan was offered to fish breeders whose income were badly affected due to the extreme dry weather that had caused Sungai Pahang to dry up. The situation around Sungai Pahang especially in Temerloh becomes critical since last month, affecting 17 fish breeders who were also Agrobank’s customers, with an estimated average losses up to RM50,000 (per breeder).

This proactive measure by Agrobank in offering the relief plan was well received by the fish breeders.

According to one of the fish breeders in Temerloh who is also the Chairman of Persatuan Penternak dan Peniaga Ikan Sungai Pahang, Khaidir Ahmad, 54 Agrobank’s concern in understanding our plight is much appreciated. Our income was badly affected by the unusual El Nino phenomenon. With the assistance plan, we can at least restructure our business financial better, said Khaidir Ahmad.

Rosmaini Sulaiman, 63 also shared the same opinion. According to her, My silver catfish (ikan patin) and tilapia fish started to die due to the hot weather and things became worse when the level of the Sungai Pahang started to drop and my business loss is nearly RM20,000. Fortunately, Agrobank offered the assistance plan and it helps to ease my burden.

Agrobank’s President/Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Wan Mohd Fadzmi Wan Othman said that the plan aims to assist and reduce the difficulties faced by the customers. This is a proactive approach in ensuring our customers will not be burdened and at the same time helping the fish breeders to recover their fish breeding business.

El Nino has caused the water level in Sungai Pahang became shallow and dry. We were told that many fish breeders faced significant financial losses. We realise that some customers may need reprieve in their financial obligations during this trying time.Therefore, Agrobank offers assistance in the form of moratorium and reschedule financing plan to qualified customers. The bank will process the request for relief assistance on a case-to-case basis, ” said Dato ‘ Wan Mohd Fadzmi.

Agrobank’s relief assistance plan includes:

  1. Moratorium of financing – for customers who lost source of income and whose projects were damaged – can be considered for deferment of monthly installments up to 12 months
  2. Restructuring and rescheduling of financing for qualified customers affected by extreme dry weather

According to Dato ‘ Wan Mohd Fadzmi , a meeting with Agrobank customers involved were held at Agrobank’s branch in Temerloh on 5 May 2016, to provide information and understanding related to the proposed plan. The bank also conducted site visits to some of the clients projects that were affected by the El Nino phenomenon.

To obtain more information, affected Agrobank customers are advised to go to the nearest branch of Agrobank. Customers can also contact the Customer Service Centre of Agrobank at 1-300-88-2476 or visit Agrobank’s official website at

Similar initiatives were also carried out by Agrobank in 2014 for its customers who were affected by the floods that hit the East Coast.

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