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Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Agrobank (Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad) dengan ini memberikan notis bahawa pihak kami tidak pernah menandatangani apa-apa perjanjian atau mengadakan apa-apa rundingan, kerjasama mahupun perkongsian dengan mana-mana individu atau syarikat penjualan emas atau apa-apa pelaburan berkaitan emas.

Pihak bank juga tidak pernah memberikan kebenaran kepada mana-mana penulis atau pemilik mana-mana laman sesawang untuk menyiarkan maklumat dan gambar-gambar berkaitan pihak bank. Pihak Agrobank dengan ini menolak tuntutan apa-apa liabiliti yang timbul akibat tindakan mana-mana pihak atau entiti bergantung kepada keseluruhan atau sebahagian penerbitan daripada mana-mana laman sesawang.

Pihak bank tidak akan bertanggungjawab ke atas akibat yang timbul daripada tindakan menggunakan informasi daripada maklumat yang diterbitkan melalui mana-mana laman sesawang.

Protect Yourself Protect Yourself

 Sunday March 28, 2010

Protect yourself


THERE’s probably not much you can do if a thief has the skill to hack into your bank’s ATM operating system or your Internet banking account, but you can minimise your chances of falling victim to ATM card frauds and your potential financial losses if you are scammed by being more careful and vigilant in all banking matters.

These tips below are a compilation of advice given by ATM users, Bank Negara Malaysia and Citibank Berhad and taken from the following websites at which you can get more information:

·Bank Negara Malaysia at;

·Citibank Berhad at;

·8 Tips to Protect Yourself from ATM Thefts by Audri and Jim Lanford at;

·US-based Five County Credit Union’s “protect yourself from identity theft” page at

1. Minimise your potential loss to any card fraud or theft

ATM user Molly Lim points out that while it is convenient to link all your savings and current accounts to a single ATM card, that also means that once thieves get hold of it and your PIN, they can access all your accounts.

She now makes it a point to apply for an ATM card for every account she uses regularly. If she does not need to access the account often, she doesn’t apply for an ATM card for it.

Lim also keeps a minimal amount of money in the accounts that are linked to her ATM cards.

2. Minimise the chances of falling victim to ATM card fraud

·When choosing a PIN (Personal Identification Number), don’t use common numbers like the last four digits of your IC, your date of birth, car license plate number or street address.

·Once you have chosen a PIN, memorise it, never write it down on anything that you carry with you, including the back of your card – yes, people have done that!

·Get used to using the same ATM for your transactions. When you are familiar with it you will be able to recognise changes to it.

·Be alert and vigilant when you conduct transactions at any ATM, and be sure not to be distracted by strangers.

·Always cover your hand when entering your PIN – if the thieves don’t have your PIN, they can’t access your account.

·If your card is confiscated by the ATM, report it immediately. If you can, don’t leave the machine. Instead, call the bank from the ATM where your card was taken using a cell phone.

·Do not respond to any cell phone text messages or e-mails requesting for personal information, especially your PIN and passwords to your banking accounts. This is because banks will never request for such information in this way. If you do receive such a call or text message, take down the callers’ details and call the bank directly to verify their identity with the bank’s customer service centre.

3. Minimise your loss if you do fall victim

·If your ATM card has been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, immediately call the bank to cancel the card and get another with a new PIN. If you have reason to believe that an identity thief has tampered with your bank accounts, cheques or ATM card, close the accountimmediately.

·Keep checking your bank statements even after you have reported your ATM card missing. If you find any suspicious charges, notify your bank immediately.

Source : The Star

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