Modal Kerja-i Modal Kerja-i

A facility to fund working capital requirements according to the type of funding authorized by the bank based on Shariah principles as follows :

  • Bai 'Al- Innah ( Cash Financing )

This financing method is used to finance customers who need fast cash for daily business .

  • Bai ' Al -Murabahah ( Financing Purchase / Import )

This financing will be used to finance the needs of customers buy a product or services.

  • Bai ' Al -Murabahah ( Finance Sales / Export )

This financing will be used to finance customers that sell goods on credit to buyers.

Financing Value
Not restricted subject to the collateral submitted

Total Financing
Up to 100% of the face value of the invoice or the cost of goods

Minimum of 30 days
Maximum of 360 days

Profit Rate
Subject to the current profit rate offered by Agrobank

Fully collateralized

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