Logo Rationale Logo Rationale

The Agrobank’s new identity has been designed to reflect the Bank’s strategic intent to competitively position and lead in the delivery of a full range of financial services with a focus on agriculture. The logo or symbol in the form of a prominent red triangle communicating stability and reliability has been chosen to reflect the new energy, commitment and aspirations of Malaysia’s leading agricultural bank where the shared vision between the Bank and its customer is represented through a circular icon within the symbol.

The Bank’s visual signature (the name and logo) is strengthened in the use of a high impact font for ease of recognition and distinctiveness. In evolving its 39 years of dedication to the development of the agricultural sector, its corporate tagline “Sentiasa di Sisi Anda” is retained.

The design of Agrobank logo shows a symbol of a triangle with a symbol of a circle under it.. The circle symbol in the middle on the floor resembles the strength of bank focusing on the needs of the customers as business partners.

The triangle symbol resembles a general perspective which is the strength of the bank relying too strong partnership and strategic relationship with business partners.

The triangle symbol also resembles stability and reliability. Stability of bank is especially on financial situation and trust as it is one of the principles of achievement for the bank in the future.

Red colour on the logo reflects energy, power, passion and dedication in fulfilling its mandate of our country as a leading agriculture bank.

Black colour on the words AGROBANK is chosen for clarity of application.

The font used is Frutiger. This font is very suitable for printing and signage because the letters are clear and tidy.

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