Hartani-i Hartani-i

This poduct offer to all staff from government / private sector, through the Al-Bai’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA) concept.

Loan Purpose:
Facility provides to the individual who have a fixed income which plan to buy and developed land under the Al-Bai’Bithaman Ajil (BBA) concept.

Customer qualification:

  • Malaysian citizen and reside in Malaysia
  • Offer to all staff from government/private sector
  • For Government sector; gross salary included Fix allowances not less than RM 1,500.00/ month
  • For Private sector; gross salary included Fixed allowances not less than RM 2,000.00/month
  • For the individual other than the two categories, the monthly income must be stable and affordable.


  • 21 – 60 yrs (On the maturity date of funding)

Financing Amount:

  • Maximum financing amount is subject to Approving Authority 
  • Up to 100% margin of financing for the purchase of agricultural land


    • As low as BFR – 1.00%
  • SCHEME B (Non-BPA)
    • As low as BFR – 0.50%

Loan Tenure:

  • Not exceeding 240 months/20 years @ until applicant reach the age of 60 years on the maturity date (which ever come first)


  • The land must be pledge to Agrobank, however, if the land value is not sufficient, the additional land for pledge or guarantor is needed.

Security Deposit:

  • 1 months installment

Fees & Charges

  • Broker Fee

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